Second hand first!

So. As some of you may know, I am a big advocate of thrift store shopping. Anything from goodwill, to the higher end thrift stores. I love reusing things that had a previous life. I also think that it is easier to be creative with your money by shopping second hand. 

I love Goodwill to no end, but I will say that some people need more help finding treasures. Goodwill can be overwhelming. I have listed 3 stores in 3 cities that I really like. I found them on the road while I was traveling with Nico Vega. I urge you to look into these thrift spots because they all have a unique voice about them. There are also people working that can help you find something that uniquely represents you. 

Feathers in Austin TX. This is probably the nicest, and most tasteful thrift store that I have ever been to.  I would go as far as saying its my favorite store in the world. It has choice pieces. It is almost the same price as a regular retail store, but  much higher quality, and one of a kind. Do not miss this one.
The Gypsy Den in Las Vegas. This is a really special little place. The owner (seen above) hand makes a lot of the jewelry. She is incredibly sweet, and very helpful. It is the most unique clothing store I have ever been to. You will see what I mean when you go.
Squaresville in Los Angeles. I love this store. I find 50% of the dresses that I wear on stage at Squaresville. Its reasonably priced, and has a lot of taste.

Make second hand your first choice.