Hello friends! Long time no talk. It's been a chaotic and eventful year for me. I have two new babies and an album coming out. Dan (my husband) is also about to launch another massive album cycle. Let the touring begin.... We have a lot going on. Through all the madness,  I thought I would take a moment to write about my new record "Sandy".

For years I have dreamt of writing an album that I could perform myself. I do have limited guitar skills, but I am also kind of a traditionalist in my songwriting. I love keeping things simple. I enjoy writing all kinds of music. Electronic, folk, country, rock... I hate limitations. This record is personal because I hardly ever write love songs. Nearly all of the songs on this album are love songs. One of the tracks, "Cracked" was written years ago when I met my husband Dan. It's probably one of the more vulnerable songs on the record.

My first single and the first track on the record is called "My Man".  I love the throwback style of the track. Joshua James (Producer) really tapped into the part of me that loves older music. My influences for this record range from Cat Stevens to Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. The reason why the album is called "Sandy" is because I felt as though I was channeling Sandy from Grease at times and it started to become more fun for me to play with that character. I don't want to say too much about the record before you have had a chance to sit with it. I look forward to hearing your thoughts... Unless of course you don't like it. Then I will have to find you and throw you off of a bridge into rapid moving waters where you will hopefully be eaten by man eating fish and grizzly bears.