Is it something that is always fleeting? Is it possible to achieve a consistent state of happiness? No highs and lows in life? Just utter and complete contentment? I actually think it is possible. But only through one word. Acceptance. In my lifetime (which is just a minuscule blip in the span of all time and eternity) I have come to know happiness as something I only get in exchange for complete acceptance. Why am I writing about this today? Because I think there is something to learn about being in harmony with what is. I think that if happiness and harmony are something that you seek, then it's important for you to transform the idea of what you think you need. We spend a lot of time imagining ourselves some place we are not right now. We wait for the day when life will get easier. We imagine that some level of success will bring happiness. These ideas are false. They truly are. Human nature isn't meant to feel content because in some ways it's counter productive to our survival. Our drive to survive has us feeling like we need to constantly do more to earn our place and our peace. This idea is how we partake in the human rat race. We begin to resent the journey and live for the finish line. The sad truth is that the finish line almost certainly will never come. When we reach one line, there will be another. Its endless. The opportunity for happiness starts today. It's a choice that you make to be good with how life is now. To say that no matter what happens, you will breathe through it and say okay.  Practice saying "Okay".  Know that you determine your reaction to life. Feel what its like to be in control of your relationship with happiness. You can choose it for yourself, and nobody can take it from you. I can honestly say I am the happiest I have ever been. I know that the reason why is because I have let go of all the things I thought I wanted. I have let go of thinking life owes me something. I have let go of the idea that I know what life is supposed to look like. Now I am open. I am open to the doors that present themselves. I am happy with who I am as I am. I am not trying to get someplace else. Im not missing what is happening. I am here grateful for every minute. Every stage of life. Sometimes I slip back into my old ways... But i am getting better at reminding myself. All the love in the world.