My paintings. Another case of something out of nothing.

This is a large painting about 4' x 5'. It was done with acrylic and house paint.

This is done with construction paper, house paint, and sharpies.

This is done with oil paint, very old construction paper, and sharpies.

This is done with sharpies, and house paint.

Like every artist across the globe, I am my own worst critic. I am such a critic of my own work, that it becomes hard for me to show it to anybody. As a small child I used to crumple pages of drawings up and throw them in the trash. I could barely stand to look at the imperfections. I am untrained, and very amateur. That being said... Life is too short! I want to encourage people to put themselves out there, so I have to do the same.  The pictures above are random drawings and paintings I have done. They vary in size. I am always creating on a dime. I use sharpies and house paint most of the time, but occasionally acrylic as well. Another case of making something out of nothing. 

If you don't display your work, it becomes hard to gauge your growth as an artist. It also becomes easy to hide everything all the time. Eventually you might even stop creating. I am constantly in competition with myself as a singer because of the work I have released. I get better because I am constantly raising my own bar. This is why sharing your work is important. 

There are also those of us who never even started creating art. The critic inside of our head was so strong that we never even tried. We just said, "I'm not an artist." That is tragic. Everyone has an artist inside of them. Find the outlet that is right for you. Who cares about how good or bad you think you are if you enjoy doing it. The freedom to create is a gift we were handed from the moment we came into this world. Don't waste the gift. Share it with the rest of us. 

More examples of vision boards.

This is one of my earlier vision boards. 90% of what is on this vision board has happened in my life since I made it.
The other 10% is happening right now. 
This is one of my more recent vision boards. I made this vision board about the next few years.
Don't be afraid of making many vision boards. I make one ever time I need inspiration. This is a starting point for anything in your life. Love, happiness, family, work, money, art, spirituality, travel. Cut it, paste it, paint it, write it. Start as soon as possible. The goal here is to get yourself into an inspired headspace. With anything new in life comes the question,"Where do I begin?" 
Begin with a Vision Board.