What is beautiful to me?

Love Light Life

If you constantly surround yourself with love light and life the darkness of depression will not find you. A human being is like all life forms; It needs sunlight, food, and water. As a spiritual being, it needs companionship and the power to create. As a body, it needs exercise and freedom. Age is a consideration, as far as I am concerned. Not a law.


  1. i love that first line <3

  2. What is beautiful to me???

    You :)

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  4. I agree with what you say Aja, but often out of depression is so difficult.

    Depression seems to let you be no happy, it's as if happiness were not made for you, or like you're not worthy of it.
    The pain, anguish, darkness seems to be stuck in the body like a tattoo and does not come out easily.