Mercedes Helnwein and her inspiring talent.

I cannot have a blog without mentioning my friend Mercedes Helnwein. Her artwork is incredible. Mercedes is the daughter of the legendary Gottfried Helnwein. No doubt talent runs in the family. When I met Mercedes she told me that she had been drawing seriously for only a few years. That was about 5 years ago. Her early work was already amazing and in a short time it has become quite epic. One of the things I admire most about Mercedes is her workspace. She has a large one bedroom loft and the walls are all white. She has collected a few pieces of vintage furniture keeping a sparse minimalist vibe. Her drawings are up all over the walls. From the moment you enter Mercedes' studio you feel as though you are privileged to witness a private look at one of the greats. I encourage everyone to look into the work of the entire Helnwein family. They are all a true piece of history in the making. I have learned from Mercedes that it is important to live in a space that I feel free enough to create in. I know that my surroundings effect my inspiration. One old phrase comes to mind. "Messy bed, messy head".

Mercedes Helnwein

A piece from her "Temptation to be good" series.

I was privileged to be a model for one of Mercedes drawings a few years back.

This is a painting from Mercedes', "Asleep in the wind" series.

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