Raquel Allegra making something out of nothing.

Raquel Allegra

Here is yet another woman who has inspired me. I am starting to see a pattern. I met Raquel a few years ago in Los Angeles. She was just starting out as a designer. What I found most amazing about Raquel was her ability to take something as ordinary as an old t-shirt, and turn it into an incredible piece of designer clothing. Raquel was one of the first designers on the market to manipulate and tear apart cotton material by hand to create a lacy net like fabric. She started out buying second hand garb from the inmates at prison facilities in the Los Angeles area, and recycling them into clothing that could be worn on a runway. Each piece had a story. As she has gained popularity, she has grown as a designer and started working with leathers and other materials. If you cant afford her clothing, let her ability to recycle inspire you to take your old things and turn them into something new. 

Manipulated cotton by Raquel.

Manipulated cotton, and leather work by Raquel Allegra

These leather leggings are one of Raquel's newer designs.


  1. All your friends are true beauties!
    Inside and out.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. I remember this girl and am so glad you are spotlighting her, She so deserves more recognition.