More examples of vision boards.

This is one of my earlier vision boards. 90% of what is on this vision board has happened in my life since I made it.
The other 10% is happening right now. 
This is one of my more recent vision boards. I made this vision board about the next few years.
Don't be afraid of making many vision boards. I make one ever time I need inspiration. This is a starting point for anything in your life. Love, happiness, family, work, money, art, spirituality, travel. Cut it, paste it, paint it, write it. Start as soon as possible. The goal here is to get yourself into an inspired headspace. With anything new in life comes the question,"Where do I begin?" 
Begin with a Vision Board.


  1. I love the idea of a vision board. I use dry-erase boards and list everything that's on my mind. Eventually, I pick out the things that make sense for whatever project I'm working on. It's a great starting point.

  2. Well, now I have to work on mine. The pressure is on. I am afraid, but I will do it.