How can we help?

I am sitting here with a heavy heart. You know, I have always had a deep urge to help the world become a brighter place for those who feel dim. That being said, its easy to feel helpless in a world this big. I have found myself spiraling down the ,"what can I even do to help anyone?" tunnel so many times. I know that music has always been a platform for me to encourage people. I am grateful for that. I still find myself wanting to do more. Lately I have been speaking with people about the refugee crisis in the middle east. The thing is.. Most of us just assume these problems are bigger than we are as people and way over our heads. They seem unsolvable. They might not be solvable right now. Thats something I have had to face. But does that mean I don't look at it? Learn more about it? No. I am looking at it now. I am seeing so many displaced families. Mostly children without parents. Where there is war, there are displaced women and children. Those women and children are just like Arrow and I. Wow. They have no city, no neighborhood, no school, no home. I want to help them. I want them to have food, shelter, love, comfort. I want to find out how I can help. I know the best way right now is to look at it. To bring awareness to it. To show people whats happening so they can feel a connection to it. If this was happening here, we would be forced to look at it. Read about whats happening in Syria. Over 2 million people have fled in search of safety. Over a hundred thousand dead. Lets talk about it. Lets read about it. Lets find a way to be involved.  Here is a link about something that happened this week. This school was actually targeted. 



  1. YES! Beautifully written and so true that these women and children are no different from you or I and our sweet babies. What can we do? How can we help? I want to help!

  2. Aja, I understand the pulls on your heart. These things are on my mind all day long.

    I also travel the tunnel of "what can I even do." My fight has been focused on GMO's for so long and everyday I rack my mind on how I can help solve world hunger.

    I am currently traveling South America. While in Brazil I saw on many different occasions kids age 8-10 sniffing glue on the streets. I was told the glue numbs the hunger.Isn't that insanely heartbreaking! I keep envisioning how empowering it would be to to teach communities how to start and maintain community organic gardens so they are no longer dependent on the system. In my fantasy land I envision roof top gardens, green houses, and gardens on top of city buses being the only thing you see from google earth.

    It's more than just food, it's confidence and inspiration that makes people feel happy to be alive. I've been following Syria this year in the news and have broken down several times feeling SO hopeless. Especially when I saw a video of the young kids working in the make shift hospitals.

    Those sweet souls in the Middle East living in a war zone. Who knows why our higher power works in this way but I do know that love is real and your intentions can travel light years. So even though you may feel there is never enough you can do, your love is a good start. And your music has been filling people lives with positive energy for years!

    I've always been a fan of starting exactly where you are with exactly what resources you have. So...lets brain storm! My fiance owns a mobile app development company and we've been wanting to use our powers for good and not just building mindless apps to advance corporate companies. You're incredible at inspiring people to live authentic lives. What if we created a multimedia experience to be shown at the refugee camps. A video to show them that people are thinking of them. Although it doesn't seem like it fixes any long term problems, giving someone a reason to smile and be inspired buy art is something that no doubt effects the soul. I know it may not be as simple as that. But there has to be someone traveling back and forth from the US- Syria to aid in this disaster and maybe they can bring a message, a love note, supplies, something...there has to be something.

    When a group of minds and hearts align. The force is there.

    I'm in. Thank you for starting the conversation. Rich has my info if you want to talk

    Love and light,

  3. I have been called caught up in my own war of regaining neurological function for my children. I have blinders on in my world and am consumed in that endeavor. What a wonderful reminder this was that at least I have access to the basic necessities of life as do my children. Thank you!